Lastest cooking endeavors

Lately I've been trying to cut back on the money I spend on groceries which means I've been trying to only buy basics and then make creative meals with what I have. Sometimes this turns out OK but usually it turns out kind of nasty because I've just been throwing things together, not really following a recipe.

But this last week hasn't been too bad. I made a chicken and vegetable soup that was pretty tasty and then I made an Asian lettuce wrap filling but I mixed it with pasta instead of putting it on lettuce. It turned out really well.
My next plan is for a chicken, tomato and pasta soup. Last time I made a tomato soup it was AMAZING so I'm hoping this one will be the same.
I also found 3 additional recipes that I'm going to try in the next week.

German Pancakes

Slow Cooker Cassoulet

Reuben Sandwich

For this last recipe, I don't plan on making it a Reuben because I hate sauerkraut, but the basic concept for this baked sandwich can be used with lots of different fillings such as pesto and chicken and mozzarella.

Now I can't finish this post without mentioning my new favorite pasta.
This pasta is healthier than regular pasta and has a much better taste and texture than whole wheat pasta. It has a slightly thicker texture than regular pasta but not the gritty texture of whole wheat. It has a lot of protien and fiber in just a single serving and it's very filling. It's worth the slightly higher cost because of the multiple benefits.

I'll try to post pictures if I cook anything really good. :)


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