Suprise treats revealed!

Here they are! My secret treats! Cake and frosting and chocolate. What's not to love! And they're SOOOO cute! I love them and I can't wait to try many flavor combos.

Here is my sister Celeste helping with the wrapping.

Here is the cake cooling. I couldn't resist eating the yummy edges. :)

This is the cake, completely crumbled and the frosting being added.

The cake/frosting rolled into balls and freezing.

After the balls are shaped they're dipped in chocolate and the stick is inserted.

Then they're dipped into pink chocolate.

And sprinkles are added along with an upside down red m&m.

Then wrapped all pretty. Thanks Celeste!

These are time consuming but the response for people who ate them made them worth it. People loved them!

I have plans to make some tasty cupcakes and good food. Plenty of pictures to come in the future!


Missie said...

OMG These were soooooo delicious!!!!

Annie said...

Tasha Tasha Bo Basha Fe Fi Fo Fasha Tasha!

Dear Tasha,
It is Annie your beautiful, funny, charming, long lost, Prosper pal. I came across your blog and I have never been so excited. Just like the title of your blog you are a sexy cupcake. Some questions for you... have you hid any bottles of coke in the cleeve lately? Do you miss me? Do you still work at Prosper? Do you still talk to Andrea? So we have a blog, (I can not lie your cupcakes on a stick were freaking adorable.)

Annie said...

Ps. I'm adding you to my blog

Janelle said...

you CRACK me up. I am glad I found your blog. It reminds me of you...probably because you are the one writing it...anyway, I hope you are feeling better and I think I am going to try and make your treats.They are super cute.

I miss chatting about food all day. No one shares my food obsession.

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