Cover Songs That Have Got You Covered!

I totally stole that title, lol. But if you know me at all you know I love cover songs. There's something great about new versions of my favorite songs and I'm not going to lie, I get warm fuzzies from them. I found this playlist of covers on It's pretty good because it caught some of my favorites (like William Shatner singing Lucy in the Sky) but it missed some others (like Scissor Sisters cover of Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out).

What other covers do people like? I'm always looking for new ones for my collection so give me some suggestions.

Got You Covered - Cover Songs


Annie said...

Hi Tash. So, Andrea wrote me a comment on my blog a bit ago and I tried emailing her to the address she gave me. I got a notice that it wouldn't go through. So, will you tell her that? Or I guess since this is where she found my blog maybe she will read this. If so... a message for you Andrea via Tasha's spectacular blog!

Missie said...

I had no idea Poison did a cover to i'm bringing sexy back. Yes Brett Michaels you do bring sexy back!!

Annie said...

Thanks!!! You're number one!

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