Deja Vu

So here I am again...SICK with crazy growths in my throat! I went to Urgent Care and found out it's not strep, but it is some sort of infection. The doctor said I have to go to a nose, throat and ear specialist (all one specialist) and that there was a change I'm going to have to have my tonsils removed. Yay for me!

So in my weakened I was flipping through the channels when I came across the Princess Bride. It was just starting and I haven't seen it for awhile so I'm watching it now.
Wesley is SOOO yum. I remember being so in love with him when I was young. Men dressed in black with masks and little ponytails are very attractive (oooh! Zorro!).

I've finally came up with an idea for the newest card party. I hope it'll all come together in the end and will be the highlight of the party (hey, I can dream big).

Ok...back to sleeping/eating/watching tv/being lazy/getting better!


I'm a girl from a good family who was very well brought up. One day I turned my back on it all and became a bohemian.

~Brigitte Bardot