My Name is John Daker

I want to share with everyone a few of my favorite things to watch on the web!

First is John Daker. He's a lovely singer who clearly practiced long and hard before his perormance!

I loved the baseball scene from Twilight, mainly because of the Muse song and because of Jasper looking oh so yummy while swinging that bat around.
twilight baseball scene -

It turns out that Justin Timberlake is pretty funny. He's also pretty good at dancing like Beyonce. "Dance Biscuts!"

Single Ladies Parody [LIVE] Saturday Night Live - Beyonce & Justin Timberlake

Don't watch this video if you're easily offended, but I couldn't stop laughing. Does it make me weird that I could listen to this over and over? "Clean up on isle three!"

JIMP - Andy Samberg


Sophia and Brent said...

I am peeing my pants. that single ladies video is HILARIOUS!!!!

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